Born in Austria I moved to England in the mid-eighties and studied Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire as a mature student. I graduated in 2002 and have since exhibited my work both locally and abroad. In 1993 I was commissioned to create the clay busts of Thomas Rivers and Charles Darwin for the entrance of The Garden Nursing Home in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. In 1998 I was commissioned by the Parish of Braughing to collaborate with my husband in the creation of a bronze column to commemorate the Millennium. In 2005/6 I received further commissions to supply the artwork for two London GP surgeries, and in 2007 I completed a commission for an edition of 15 prints (collagraphs) for GlaxoSmithKline.

The recurring theme in my paintings and graphic prints is human relationships. However, I like every now and then to venture into other fields, reflecting my love of nature, particularly the forest. As of late I have tried to explore with minimalist means the juxtaposition of structure and texture by using different media, e.g. printmaking and painting as well as collage on both paper and canvas.

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